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13th Jun 2022

Introducing: Crossed Wires

Hello, my name is Pat Benson and I want to tell you about my new podcast Crossed Wires. Its for music lovers but especially those who are into the tech side of things. I will dive heavily into topics about guitars and electronic instruments with gear demos as well as interviews with other musicians/artists getting a glimpse into their creative process.

For more information about this show you can head on over to or follow me on instagram @crossedwires.

And lastly if you have a question that you want answered on the show you can call (209)900-4287 and leave a voicemail or email:

Crossed Wires is part of the Night Shift Radio network. Visit them on the web at

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Crossed Wires
Pat Benson is a musician, technician, and writer based in Los Angeles, California. His skills range from working as a guitar repair tech, touring with headline acts, to working in studios, recording & sound design, as well as composing music as a solo artist.

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